Photo Recovery Software Helps Identify Ativan Gang Members!

TechPinas Public Service Post (TP PSP)

How dare these bad people use horse tranquilizer to knock-out that poor woman and steal all of her money! If you see these crooks walking around your neighborhood, call the police!

Meet the members of the notorious Ativan Gang! What's their nasty modus operandi, you ask? Well, it's essentially all about deception and the use of this strong chemical for calming the nerves of horses called 'Ativan'. These people will befriend you to get your trust, act all nice when you're around. They'd be so nice, you'd want to ask them out or let them inside your house. Then, when you're not looking, one of them will slip Ativan into your drink to knock you out and steal all you've got. (Image Grab Credit: TV Patrol)

In this case, they victimized a tourist. Two members served as 'spotters' or 'frontliners' in a tourist spot and locked in on their target. They approached her, got her trust then invited her on an out of town trip with their 'other friends'. The unsuspecting target said yes not knowing that she'd be in the company of criminals.

After the fun trip, with lots of photo taking, karaoke and grilled food, one member secretly poured the borderline-deadly potion into the drink of the victim causing her to pass out. The other members then ransacked all of the victim's belongings, got all of her cash (and as if, for fun, they even left her a bundle of paper cut like bills.), and deleted all of their photos from her digicam.

Turns out, the last thing they did is the most stupid of all (Well, not that choosing to be criminals is any less stupid.) Totally unaware of the fact that there are now software capable of sniffing out and recovering deleted files from memory cards and hard drives, the active members of Ativan gang have - in effect - unknowingly disclosed their identities to public and cut the police half the job of tracking them down.
Told you, Tech works.

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