The Official Name of the New 2012 iPad is 'The new iPad' : A Strong Statement!

TechPinas Exclusive!

Didn't I tell you we'll do well to take all 'Pre-Apple-product-announcement insider info' with a grain of salt?

Contrary to earlier 'leaks' by supposed 'Apple employees', 'stockholders' and 'industry officials' that the next iPad will be called either iPad3 or iPadHD, the latest iteration to Apple's best-selling tablet - announced just a few minutes ago - actually went by a more, uhm, interesting monicker.

the new ipad

Although some previously rumored specifications like the Retina Display, higher resolution camera, and 4G LTE support turned out accurate, our dear insiders totally missed out on probably the most important detail of the slate: Its name.

So what's it called?! Not that iPad3 and iPadHD are any way grand (because obviously, they are not), but Apple had chosen a far more humble name for the new iPad; It's called simply that.

And I have gone out of our way, mind you, to get confirmation via Apple's official website;

the new ipad

I know. It's nuts. I myself couldn't and wouldn't believe it at first --

the new ipad

But when you think about it, you'll realize that Apple is trying to make a very strong statement here. I believe they want show everyone that Apple products don't rely on marketing gimmicks or clever branding to sell. Apple can name its products whatever or even leave them unnamed and they'll still sell well -- simply because consumers already know for sure that if a product is made by Apple, it must be good.

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