Filipino Smartphone Users Download The Most Games and Applications in the Whole of Southeast Asia

The Philippines remains to be the most lucrative market for mobile devices in the whole of Asia Pacific -- and it turns out, there are even bigger opportunities here in terms of downloadable content.

According to a recent study, there are over one billion internet users in Asia, and of that, 623 million browse the web using their mobile phones and over 80% of the area's inhabitants are said to own a "smart" mobile device to some varying degree.

On its own, this information is not completely surprising. After all, Asia is known worldwide as being the center of smartphone development and manufacturing. So it’s completely expected that a large number of the general populace would have their own mobile devices -- especially since smartphones have begun to drop drastically in price over the recent years.

The results from a survey conducted last July 2013 by TNS showed that 53% of people in Metro Manila own a smartphone and use it for either browsing the web or downloading games and apps. This densely populated area of the Philippines is apparently on record as containing the highest number of downloads of games and apps amongst all Southeast Asian countries. Filipinos' mobile usage was reported to be staggering 78% for games and 39% for watching videos online.

However, the overall download number for paid games or in-app-purchases is relatively low; This is mainly due to the vast number of free games currently on the market. Games such as Into the Dead and the incredibly popular Clash of Clans.

The majority of these users are said to be young, aged 18-24, according to the study. A group who are - as yet - still unwilling to dish out real money for games but instead seek the latest in free-to-play entertainment. At first glance this may seem rather discouraging, but in actuality it’s great news for mobile developers. The Asian market is only recently emerging as a global powerhouse, so considering the population and their ongoing desire to get the latest in technology and downloadable content, the opportunities remain to be great.

In fact, with the right knowledge in advertising and marketing (or with plain luck and the support of the tech blogging community), developers and anyone considering to launch own start-up business can make the most of this situation and get an almost exponential return from the Asian consumer market. Because while it's true that there's little money to be made from paid content or in-app buys (currently, at least), mobile ads can still make a game developer wealthy; Flappy Bird creator Nguyen Ha Dong, I believe, can attest to that.

As a genre, mobile gaming has gone from strength to strength within the last five years. With the creation of user friendly and simplistic games like Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies, mobile gaming showed sceptics that it was a viable place to play games and worth investing in.

Since then it’s quickly created a new generation of gamers beyond the negative stereotype, a group who’ll happily chat about their high scores or the best app to play. They’re a group who’ll support new content or fund Kick-starters for mobile games rather than dismiss video games as being ‘something for children' -- a close-minded stigma that’s only just now being shook off.

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