Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Problems Hampering Production, According to Korean Media

It seems Samsung is currently struggling to meet production demands for Samsung Galaxy S5's imminent launch across the globe as the company faces challenges in crafting the flagship handset's camera module.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Problems

According to Korean website Naver, Samsung is facing difficulties in putting together the SGS5 lens module incorporating the new ISOCELL sensor as well as the coating process which is currently described as "unstable". And although the Korean technology giant has made tremendous progress in fixing the said production problems, Samsung might continue to face low yield issues.

As earlier reported in various tech blogs, due to the difficulties concerning the camera module molding, only 20-30% of the needed Samsung Galaxy S5 units were being produced. Now, even while the production has normalized and is finally running smoothly, it appears Samsung will only be able to come up with around 4 to 5 million SGS5 units at launch, as opposed to the initial target of 5 to 7 million units.

Despite these issues, there's no stopping the formal release of Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Philippines happening on April 11, 2014! On that day, the 2014 flagship smartphone will be available for purchase at all Samsung Concept Stores across the archipelago and will become available as a bundled handset with Smart Communications and Globe Telecom's Postpaid LTE Plans. However, I would imagine that because there will be less units available, it might be a challenge to get hold of a Samsung Galaxy S5 when you apply for a postpaid plan late. Hence, I'd suggest that you register your interest with urgency and confirm your subscription or plan renewal as soon as you can.