Sun Broadband Prepaid Kit Price is Now Just Php 595 : The Most Affordable Kit from Sun Ever!

You all know how much I love getting the most value for my money. Whether it be when I buy gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, or when I avail of services like prepaid call and text promos or my mobile broadband connection, I want to get great deals and get the most bang for the buck! We work hard for our money so we have to make the most out of it, right?

Well, TP Friends, I was recently informed that Sun Broadband has a new major treat for everyone that I'm sure is going to put a smile on the faces of new prepaid subscribers - especially the students and the young, budget-conscious consumers -- like me!

Sun Broadband has recently slashed Php 200 off their prepaid kit bringing the price down to just Php 595 from Php 795 just a few days ago! This officially makes this bundle the most affordable prepaid kit from Sun EVER! And get this: Apart from the dongle which comes with the package, you even get 1 hour of internet connection for free!

Sun Broadband, Sun Broadband Prepaid

Of course, you just need to plug in the Sun Broadband dongle to your laptop to enjoy the fast, consistent, and reliable mobile connection that only Sun can provide! I use Sun Broadband myself in my home office and on the road and I can really say that it has really helped me become more productive at work and it totally makes my online life easier and more enjoyable.

TP Friends, with Sun Broadband, you can browse your favorite blogs and websites, check and update your social networking accounts, and watch YouTube videos among other online activities even when you're away from a WiFi connection! As long as you have your laptop and your Sun Broadband Stick (with enough load), you can stay connected anywhere you go!

Now, if you're not yet using Sun Broadband and your slow, stuttering connection is always giving headaches, why not make the jump and avail of a Sun Broadband Prepaid now! Again, it only costs Php 595! For that amount, I tell you, it's already very, very sulit!

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