OLX Philippines is the New Name of Sulit Following Landmark Merger : Sharing My Own Sulit Story

This morning, I visited Sulit like what I always do once or twice every week. I don't really sell my stuff there - I'm very sentimental when it comes to the gadgets and stuff that I own - but like most of you, I love finding great deals.

Sulit, OLX Philippines, OLX PH

Being so familiar with Sulit's homepage, I was fairly surprised when I saw that the site no longer bears the name that a lot of Pinoys have grown to love through the years. Personally, Sulit will always be special to me because it's through that buy-and-sell website that I purchased the first car that blogging gave me.

Sulit, OLX Philippines, Mark Milan Macanas
As my gift to myself on my 28th birthday, I got me and my folks a 2nd hand 2006 Mazda Tribute SUV - that I later named "M" - from a really cool seller in Sulit. (I purchased it with complete peace of mind because I know that Sulit screens all items that are being sold on the site.) My car is not brand new but it will always be dear to me because it's a product of my hardwork as a blogger and a digital marketing consultant.

Sulit, OLX Philippines, OLX PH

So why the change in name from "Sulit" to "OLX Philippines"? The biggest C2C buy and sell platform in the Philippines, Sulit, has officially become a part of the OLX network -- the world’s leading brand for online classifieds. And as part of the merger deal (of which, financial details weren't disclosed to the media), henceforth, Sulit will be known as OLX PH.

"As we now officially become OLX Philippines and leverage on OLX’s global standards and best practices, this brand change is but a part of our mission to continue providing the Filipinos with a superior platform for buying and selling online," shared Mr. RJ David, Co-Founder of Sulit and now the Managing Director of OLX Philippines.

He added, "Classifieds is all about local people selling their items to other people in their area. When someone posts his item on OLX, the item will be immediately available to users looking for it within the same location. We are now also screening ads posted under the buy-and-sell category before they become live on OLX. This is to ensure that quality ads are being [shown] to our buyers which will help our sellers to [move their items faster]."

Prior to this merger, Sulit[dot]com[dot]ph was the most visited website that's created and maintained in the Republic of the Philippines. Honestly, it's a bit sad that it won't be bearing that iconic Pinoy name anymore but if this would herald a bigger and grander era for the popular buy-and-sell site, then I'm all for it.