PLDT Home Internet Plans : How To Choose The Right One For You?

Majority of Filipino households subscribe to the services of the leading telephone company in the country - Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, more commonly known as PLDT. As technology advances and as more and more gadgets are developed, PLDT aims to keep up with the changing times. Today, it offers a wide variety of products that fulfill the ultimate needs of its clients. There are a number of plans to choose from based on one’s needs and budget.

Plan 990

For Php 990, one can have landline and internet connection of up to 512 kbps. This is ideal for those who utilize the internet for not-so-serious stuff. With this connection rate, you can play & win free casino slot machine games online at, check out the latest about your crush on Facebook, or get updates about your idol celebrity from entertainment news websites. Additionally, you would not have to worry about your landline as this plan already includes basic telephone services.

Plan 1299, Plan 1069, and Plan 1799

These three bundles offer the same internet speed — 2Mbps and they all come with landline services. Plan 1299 and Plan 990 are almost the same in terms of features. The only difference is that the latter offers slower internet connection at 512 kbps. Plan 1069 includes a printer, while Plan 1799 includes both HP Deskjet 1000 and HP notebook 1000 which is a slightly bigger version of the famous HP Mini 1000. All these three plans are good choices for those who work at home. If you are a home-based SEO writer who needs to work on articles that are found on the internet, if you do English teaching through Skype, if you are a speculative investor who needs to monitor your shares at the Philippine stock market practically every minute, or if you are fond of participating in online bidding and buying at Piso Bid, any of these plans would work effectively for you. Each gives you a relatively fast connection and at the very same time provides you essential devices.

Plan 1314, Plan 1614, and Plan 2214

PLDT Home Internet Plans
The devices bundled with PLDT Home Internet Plan 1614

These three packages are perceived to be the most high-end PLDT bundles. With the same speed of 2Mbps, each package comes with an additional device. Plan 1314 comes with a Smart Bro Plug-it, Plan 1614 comprises a pocket WiFi and a tablet, while Plan 2214 has Smart Bro LTE Plug-it. If you are planning to get a tablet on installment basis and at the same time wanting to have reliable internet speed, Plan 1614 is your best option. If you, on the other hand, are only after a plug-it internet device, you can choose between Plan 1314 and Plan 2214. Any of these plans is generally appropriate for your needs and hobbies — online teaching and attending open university, internet advertising and marketing, SEO writing, stock monitoring; and online news browsing, playing your favorite games, and checking e-mail and social network accounts.

In choosing the plan for you and your entire household, it is important to think about your needs, budget, and of course, the number of people in your family who share internet connection with you. If you do not have PLDT landline account and are not planning to have one as you do not really see the need, you may opt to avail other offers presented by other service providers like Globe Tatoo Home, Sun Broadband, or Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.