Facebook App for Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and C6-01

Geraldine R. from Quezon City emailed us this question just this morning;
"Dear TP, [aside from Social and Facebook for Nokia, what other Facebook applications for Nokia N8] would you recommend? Thanks!"

Hi Geraldine!

If you're already using Ovi Social to access Facebook, know that it's probably the best app you can get right now for that specific service. I use it myself and I think it's great; it lets me upload photos, comment on status updates, send messages and link friend profiles to phone contacts quickly and easily.

facebook app for nokia
Social comes pre-installed on Nokia N8

But you still want to check out alternatives, here are two other Facebook apps for Symbian^3 I enjoy using;

1. Snaptu

facebook app for nokia
What's nice about Snaptu is that, aside from letting you update your social networking accounts, it also comes with other neat features like news feeds page, weather reports section, and latest movies guide.

facebook app for nokia

facebook app for nokia

2. Socially

facebook app for nokia
Aside from Facebook, you can also access your Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare accounts using Socially. Yup, all of your favorite social networking sites in one hub.

facebook app for nokia

facebook app for nokia

Both apps can be downloaded from Ovi Store and are available for Symbian^3 handsets, specifically Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia X7.

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