David Archuleta Meets Ate Vangie : Exclusive Video!

What happens when international singing superstar and new Kapatid leading man, David Archuleta, meets Pinay Siri, Ate Vangie?

david archuleta

Well, TP has the exclusive video of the two together in one room:

Needless to say, it's a match made in heaven. You're the best, Ate Vangie!

*American Idol Season 7 1st Runner-up, David Archuleta, in the Philippines to fulfill his commitment with Kapatid Network TV5 to shoot a mini-series entitled 'Nandito Ako' with Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

*Ate Vangie, a brainchild of production house Gung Ho Films, is a fictional counterpart of Apple's Siri, a voice-powered Virtual Assistant that comes with Apple iPhone 4S.

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