Unilab Link-up Taps the Crowd for Innovative Ideas! Join Now and Get a Chance to Win Php 50,000!

Calling all geeks, developers and tech enthusiasts!

Got a fresh and innovative idea that you want to see a company - specifically one that's in healthcare - put into fruition? Well, I bring great news!

Unilab - Yes, our favorite healthcare company; The maker of such diverse products including Biogesic, Celeteque, Myra-E, Medicol, Enervon, among so many others - currently has an open door program called Link-Up where everyone is invited to share innovative ideas to serve the health, wellness and personal care needs of all Filipinos.

unilab link-up

No idea is too big or too small, too grand or too simple. If you think you can provide a brilliant and valuable input - involving technology or otherwise - that can help Unilab and its many brands serve the people better and bring its wellness services closer to all Pinoys in this digital age, don't hesitate to send them in. Employ creativity with no bounds!

I actually have a few ideas involving gadgets and mobile internet that I want to share with Unilab. I think the company has yet to make the most out of new technologies, especially those involving mobile platforms, and I think one of my ideas can totally make it happen for the brand. I'm now drafting my proposal and will send it in a bit.

Watch Mr. Clinton Campos Hess, President and Chief Executive Officer, talk about Unilab Link-Up:

And here's something to sweeten the deal: If your idea gets chosen by Unilab, it won't only see fruition but you'll also automatically become one of the company's Innovation Partners and you will bring home Php 50,000!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Unilab Link-Up, register an account and send in your ideas!

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