Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is a Phone - Use it to Make Calls and Send Text Messages!

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If you still have doubts if the ultra-sexy Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is actually a phone, let me you - once and for all, it is. You can send text messages and make calls using this Android tablet.

TP NCR Correspondent and Contributing Writer, Mon Arguelles, dropped by Samsung Philippines' Tab Lab forum held yesterday afternoon at Eastwood in Quezon City to check out the star of the event, the Php 32,990 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800. And like a true and reliable correspondent, he brought us some photos and videos of the device which I'll be sharing via a separate post in a bit.

samsung galaxy tab 7.7

One Tab Lab file he sent me that I found totally interesting is a demo video of TouchWiz UX User Interface on P6800 which Samsung uses as skin for the Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system. As expected, the UI looks suave and all but the frame that made me go, "That it!" is this:

samsung galaxy tab 7.7
This frame confirms that Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has GSM phone features. Users can use the device to store contacts, make calls and send text messages.

So what does this tell us? Well, we can consider Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 a hybrid. It's a full-fledged tablet but it also has smartphone features -- heck, it even has an earpiece. Cool, eh? The only problem is, you'd look kinda weird putting this 7.7-inch slate against your cheek to accept calls.

Great job, Mon! Thumbs up!

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