Nokia 500 Belle Update, Out! Exclusive Live Demo Video!

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Nokia 500 : Highly Improved with the Nokia Belle Update
by TP NCR Correspondent, Mon Arguelles

I was able to read on tech websites that the Nokia Belle software update is now available for the Nokia 500. I updated the Nokia 500 in my possession following the Nokia N8 Belle upgrade instructions posted by Mark.

nokia 500 belle

I am quite pleased with the improved performance of this mobile handset. I recorded a video to give you a glimpse of how the Nokia 500 UI looks like after the update. Here are the most notable improvements for me:
  • Smooth scrolling from homescreen-to-homescreen
  • Email widgets - allows me to glance and scroll my emails on the homescreen. No need to launch the application
  • Music Player Widget - enlarged image size of the album cover
  • Wi-fi widget – instant on/off Wi-Fi connection
  • Drop-down menu ala-Android
  • Camera settings - Much-improved interface
Coming from the Symbian Anna experience, the Nokia Belle is a significant improvement not only in terms of aesthetics but more importantly, when it comes to functionality. Nokia 500 users will surely be satisfied with this software enhancement.

This video serves as a sneak preview of the in-depth review of the Nokia 500 to posted soon! Stay tuned. But for now, enjoy the video:

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