PLDT Duplex Promo : 50 Pesos Per Day for Unlimited Internet and a Netbook - Believe It!

What can you get for Php 50 these days?

That's the question we asked our TP Friends on Twitter yesterday. And here are some cool answers we got:

"Five Lucky Me Pancit Canton! Cheap Thrill!" - Miss Abbie
"Medium Zagu with extra pearl or an order of Takoyaki from Eh Di Balls!" - Luigi
"SHAWARMA!" - Anjo
"Coke 1.5 liter!" - Ras
"Cornetto!" - Raphael

In short, I think the answer is 'Not much.' I mean, it's understadable; Times are kinda tough and you can only stretch your Php 50 so much.

But what if I tell you that Php 50 a day can get you unlimited internet and a netbook?! Yes, those two! Sounds crazy?! Unreal?! Well, believe it!

That's exactly what PLDT Duplex Promo is all about!

pldt duplex

PLDT gives users the opportunity to enjoy fast and unlimited internet PLUS a bundled Acer or Neo netbook for just Php 50 a day! That's giving you the service and the gadget you need to enjoy it at the same time for a super affordable rate! Isn't that great?!

PLDT Duplex currently has two offers:

Php 999 Canopy or Wimax + 500 = only Php 1,499 (comes with Neo Netbook)
Php 999 Canopy or Wimax + 800 = only Php 1,799 (comes with Acer Netbook)

Php 1,499 divided by 30 days is just Php 49.97! Not bad at all, don't you think?!

As yet, we don't have word on the exact model and specifications of the Neo or Acer netbook that you can get with the promo. But what we know for sure is that PLDT is always doing its best to give its customers the best service possible. That's what they told us and we're taking their word for it.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can apply for PLDT Duplex or upgrade to this promo.

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