How to Resurrect in Temple Run and Why It Hardly Makes Sense

Got this inquiry from my friend Carmela S. in our mailbox earlier this afternoon, "TP, I'm already at wit's end trying to figure out how to resurrect in Temple Run. [...] I've bought several such utility but I can't seem to activate it. Isn't it automatic? How do I do it?"

TP Answer:

Hi Carmela! It's really easy. After buying Resurrection points from the Store for 500 Gold each, play the game and when you feel like the run is getting tougher and your runner will pretty much get eaten by demonic monkeys soon or slam on a tree, just double tap on the player to activate Resurrection.

temple run

temple run
You can use all your Resurrection points in one run.

temple run
Once resurrection is activated, you'll get these wings. The wings only last for 30 seconds.

Carmela, this utility looks cute and all but I'm not really a fan of it. I think it would have been nicer if Resurrection were automatic. You see, because it's not, you'd have to plan ahead of time when to activate it. So in effect, you're predicting when the end will be for your runner and I promise you, that can affect the way you play the game negatively in more ways than one. It's like you're so afraid to die that you lose focus on what's ahead of you. I really think that, because of how it works, Resurrection in Temple Run is more of a liability than anything. I'd say just run and play the game as if it's the last.

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