Windows Phone Marketplace Philippines - Up! Live! Log-in and Download Apps Now!

Last January 19, I asked Windows Phone team on Twitter when exactly Marketplace will be accessible in the Philippines.

windows phone marketplace philippines

For those who are not yet familiar with Windows Phone Marketplace, it is a hub where WP users can download both free and paid applications, games and other content. It's exactly like what Android Market is to Android OS and App Store to iOS.

When the first batch of Windows Phone handsets were launched worldwide last year, the Philippines wasn't included in the list of countries where users could access Marketplace. Needless to say, this didn't really encourage a lot of Pinoys to choose Windows Phone over smartphones running other OSes - especially those that not only have accessible content stores but also have more supported applications compared to WP - like Android.

Earlier, I checked if I could already log-in to my Marketplace account on my HTC HD7 Windows Phone - which is, all things considered, an amazing, amazing handset - and thankfully, I was able to finally get in. Apparently, the Philippines officially got Marketplace access today along with Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Peru.

windows phone marketplace philippines

With Marketplace now accessible in the Philippines, I'm inclined to believe that WP sales will start to take off. I've said it before and I will say it again, if there's an OS that can match or even surpass iOS in terms of ease of use, simplicity and smoothness of interface, it's definitely Windows Phone.

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