Increase Battery Life of Apple iPhone 4S with BoostCase : Now Available in the Philippines!

Apple iPhone 4S is an amazing, amazing handset. But it is by no means perfect.

Ask any level-headed iPhone 4S owner to write down points for improvement for his or her smartphone and I bet battery life will be near the top if not at the very top of the list. I own an iPhone 4S; I think it's in a league of its own but I really feel like Apple could have done something to make its battery last longer. That's how it is. I don't really know what's up with that (maybe iOS 5 is just plain power-hungry) but I hope the Cupertino company is doing something to fix it.

Anyway. While we're all awaiting Apple's hopefully-permanent fix to this issue, we can always turn to other solutions like this one from our friends at Digital Hub and Beyond the Box;

increase battery life of iphone 4s

BoostCase is actually two cool iPhone 4S accessories in one. First, you have the gorgeous case that's meant to protect the handset from scratches. Second, there's the snap-on extended battery pack that can practically double your iPhone's uptime. What's nice is that, despite being a two-in-one device, BoostCase is surprisingly lightweight and hardly bulky.

Apple iPhone 4S has a Li-Po 1420mAh standard battery and you can more than double that with BoostCase's 1900 mAh extended battery pack. Once you notice
that your handset is already low on juice, you can turn on BoostCase and let it charge your iPhone 4S on the go! (Oh, and if you're wondering, BoostCase also works with Apple iPhone 4.)

To get the maximum uptime away from an electrical outlet, fully charge your iPhone 4S and BoostCase before leaving the house; There are LED lights at the bottom of the case indicating the amount of juice left in the pack so you'll know when it's fully charged.

BoostCase - which comes in various luscious colors - is now available in the Philippines via Digital Hub, Beyond the Box and Power Mac Center. The hybrid unit with the battery pack sells for only Php 3,550 while you can get the case alone for just Php 950. And if you're one of the first 50 customers to buy it, you'll get a free limited edition BoostCase shirt; Isn't that nice?! More about this cool iPhone 4S extended battery pack and case on TechPinas soon.

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