Use Nokia N9 Volume Up Button as Camera Button : Step by Step Guide

I've just made my ultra-cool Nokia N9 even cooler by giving it a hardware camera button. I find this particularly useful for taking self-portraits, which - truth be told - almost everyone loves to do with their cameraphones.

nokia n9 camera button

Nope, I did not bore a hole on the side of the handset and added a clicker; Why would anyone want to do that to a phone this gorgeous? All I did was download an application that turns Nokia N9's Volume Up button into a Camera Button!

If you also own a Nokia N9 and you want to give your phone that clicker, here's how you do it:

1. On your Nokia N9, go to Settings, Installations, then turn on Allow installations from non-Store sources.
2. Connect to Wifi or 3G
3. Open Nokia N9's Internet Browser
4. Visit and go to this post.
5. Click on this link and download the file.
6. Install Camerra Button app;

nokia n9 camera button

7. After installing the app, launch it.
8. Open the default camera app and use the Volume Up button as Camera clicker.

Just open Camerra app before launching the camera everytime you want to use the Volume button as clicker. Have fun!

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