Increase Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Note with Mugen Power Extended Battery Pack 4500 mAh

First off, allow me to make two things clear:

1. I get around a whole day or 12 hours of uptime with the 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery pack that ships with Samsung Galaxy Note; That's with light-use and with Wifi or 3G running in the background. That said, I think the 2500 mAh should be good enough for most people. But if you're a power user and if - like me - you're always paranoid about your phone running out of juice while you're still on the road, then you might want to also invest in a bigger battery.

2. I ordered the 4500 mAh Mugen Power Battery Pack partly because I want to review it and largely because I want have peace of mind in knowing that my Samsung Galaxy Note will have enough power to last 24 hours without having to plug it to an electrical outlet. I'm always out on events and meetings both in the metro and out of town and I want my phone to stay up with me at all times for taking photos and videos, checking my inbox and browsing the net. I guess I just want my SGNote to be as much of a trooper as I am.

I finally got the my order last Thursday. ETrade Asia Limited, maker of Mugen Power, shipped it to my home address in Manila straight from Hong Kong via AirMail but I had to pick it up from the Central Post Office.

I got the 4500 mAh Li-Ion Battery and a new battery cover.

As you can see, the Mugen Power Battery is twice as thick as the 2500 mAh Samsung battery.

What's cool about the Mugen SGNote Battery Cover - which has a textured, slightly rubbery finish - is that it has this kick-stand that should come in handy for watching movies or Youtube videos on the phone -- while you sit back, relax and eat popcorn.

The extended pack fits the phone's battery slot perfectly.

Yes, it makes your phone twice as thick but as soon as you snap on the back cover, you'll realize the whole package looks kinda cute. Plus, since the phone is wide, the added depth can actually feel quite natural.

There's a groove at the bottom for the stylus and two holes for the speaker.

Gotta love that kick-stand!

The whole package - including the 4500 mAh battery and the back cover - costs only around $110. If you wish so, you can order yours HERE.

So just a Quick TP Review: I've been using the pack for almost a week now and it performs as promised. In fact, I just realized it's been almost 2 days now since I last charged my SGNote and still has 32% battery. I use my phone a lot for browsing the internet using Dolphin HD, checking my email, playing Empire Defense and iRunner, and updating my Facebook and Twitter status; I'd like to think I'm a borderline-power-user and if anything, I'm thoroughly impressed with my Samsung Galaxy Note's Mugen Power 4500 mAh Extended Battery Pack.

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