Nokia 808 PureView Sample Photos Taken Using its 41 MegaPixel Camera : Stunning, Incredible!

The proof - they say - is always in the pudding.

Nokia 808 PureView - the Finnish giant's newest flagship Symbian smartphone - has a camera featuring a whopping 41 Megapixel sensor. Such resolution is not only unprecedented in mobile imaging, it also sets a new standard for what consumers can expect to get from any camera - for that matter - from here on out.

Now, I wouldn't be the first to tell you that I'm a photographer - because obviously I'm not - but if there's anything I know for sure about photos, it's that the quality of an image can hardly be measured in terms of the size or resolution alone. I mean, who'd want to keep billboard-sized photos that are terribly blurry?

Nokia - of course, being the true leader in camera phones - is well aware of this. So instead of merely stretching the size of photos consumers can get from a mobile device, the company focused on the quality, clarity and brilliance of shots that Nokia 808 PureView can deliver, regardless of the lighting condition. Taking advantage of the phone's 41 MegaPixel sensor and Carl Zeiss optics, Nokia made use of an imaging technology called oversampling, which - in this case - condenses seven to eight pixels of information into one pure pixel resulting in the sharpest images imaginable and perhaps more importantly, in an improved performance in low-light settings.

Want proof? Well, here are five 'condensed' outdoor images - in various lighting conditions - taken using Nokia 808 PureView, courtesy of Nokia Corporation (click image for larger view):

Absolutely stunning, don't you think? Can't wait to play with a unit!

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