2015 BlackBerry Slider Smartphone with Curved Edges, To Be Released Soon? Are You Excited About It?

Before the dawn of BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry Torch 9810 was my favorite BB model. In fact, I still keep my unit in the TP Gadget Vault. I fell in love with that phone because it combined a capacitive touchscreen and a fretted keyboard, which the Canadian handset company has come to be known for. It gave me more screen space to enjoy content and at the same time, it allowed me to type faster and more accurately.

You see, back then, I was already starting to use the iPhone as well as Android smartphones so I appreciated that BlackBerry was doing its best to adjust to changing consumer behavior brought about by the rise of full touchscreen devices all while trying to stick to its legacy.

BlackBerry Slider

Having said that, I join the many BlackBerry fans across the world in waiting for the imminent release of this yet-to-be-named handsome slider that Mr. Ron Louks, the new Global Head of Advanced Technology and Research at BlackBerry, showed tech bloggers and members of the media last March 2, 2015 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Just from looking at photos of the device, it's clear that this model will be the new generation BlackBerry Torch, bringing its form factor to a far higher level. Now, isn't that exciting?

BlackBerry Slider

According to a guy I met at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in Singapore a few years back - who has already become a dear friend, the legendary Canadian company is currently in the process of preparing for the global launch of this model; He didn't tell me, however, where he got that information. "It's going to see official launch either late Q2 or early Q3 this year. I heard it's going to be a flagship model with top-notch specs," he said. BlackBerry has yet post official updates about this model so I believe he's merely passing information that he got from other hardcore BB fans -- but I could be wrong.

If you ask me, though, I think this slider is definitely going to see release within this year -- hopefully, sooner than later. And considering that it features a display that curves down either sides (similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) giving it a very premium look, a slide mechanism, and a full QWERTY keyboard, it's obviously a high-end model. Right now, I'm just hoping that its set of internal hardware matchs how to good it looks on the outside.

TP Friends, as a BlackBerry fan and a Torch owner, I'm very excited about this upcoming model. Off hand, I think it looks great; The display is big and the keyboard is sizable -- should be great for thumb-typing, if you're into that. Heck, I have a feeling that if BB gives this a very competitive price, it could be the brand's first major best-seller in quite a while.

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