Dodocool Car Charger with Multiple USB Ports and Safety Features, Out Now at Kimstore

I bought my first car when I was 29 years old -- as a birthday gift for myself.

But here's the thing: I turned 31 last December 23 and I still don't know how to drive. (SMH @ myself) As someone who works until 6AM to blog and complete content deliverables for clients in the US and Europe, it's a struggle for me to find time within the day to learn that skill -- or maybe I'm just making too many excuses (because it's really more convenient to just get someone to drive for you).

Anyway, my dad drives my car -- which I don't mind since he's family and family is always first. But yup, I'm hoping I could eventually dedicate a whole day to just learning how to do that myself so I can at least use my Dodocool Car Charger that I got from Kimstore last week (among many, many other cool things, of course). Right now, since my dad is not really a big gadget fan, it's just sitting in one of my car's compartments.

Dodocool, Car Charger

I bought one because - even if I'm not yet the one driving my own SUV - I know that it's a must-have for every car owner. And come on, it's just Php 698 and it's already MFi-Certified, which means that it's made to work with iPhone and iPad and you won't get that annoying 'cable is not supported' notification every time you use it to charge your iDevices.

Dodocool, Car Charger
All three USB ports (with 2.4A and 2.1A output) are capable of charging tablets.

My friend Kim Lato - CEO and Owner of Kimstore - told me that Dodocool even has safety features. This accessory has a sophisticated circuit design with overheat, overcurrent, overcharging protection -- so charging will automatically stop when your device's battery is already full.

Dodocool, Car Charger

"Every car owner should have this always-ready high-speed charger, especially since you can get three outlets from one cigarette lighter and it has features that set it apart from other similar products. For one, it has intelligent frequency conversion that will match the best current automatically for your device, regardless if it's a tablet, phone or power bank, among others. Other car chargers with permanently-attached cables are prone to failing. When your charging cable fails, it's nice to be able to replace just the cable without having to buy a whole new car charger," she said.

The stylish Dodocool Car Charger, which comes in two sleek finishes - namely, Black/Gold and Black/Silver combination, can charge all devices that support USB-charging, including Android smartphones and tablets as well as mobile devices that run iOS, Windows Phone OS, or Windows 8.1, among others. For more information about the product or to order one, feel free to give Kimstore a ring at 0917-503-8887 or 0922-885-9799 or 0908-886-9799.