Smart Load Protect Proves That Smart Communications Cares for Mobile Consumers

As some of you know, I'm a Smart Digital Ambassador and I'm also the Editor-in-Chief of Smart MOVE Lifestyle Magazine. But I'm not writing this entry because I'm associated with Smart in any way but only because I absolutely appreciate this great gesture from the MVP-company.

Smart Load Protect

In June 2014, Smart launched 'Load Protect', which essentially prevents subscribers from incurring data charges before they subscribe to a promo and after its expiration. This means that unless you avail of an Unlisurf, Flexisurf, Power App, or Always On package, Smart won't charge you for any accidental or background data usage. So even if your Mobile Data is turned on or you're connected to your Smart Bro pocket WiFi, Smart can't and won't touch your load unless you subscribe to an active data package. To put it simply, "Walang nakaw load."

I believe Smart is able to offer this to mobile consumers because of an innovation that allows them to isolate or group data services into 'specific packages' that subscribers can avail of. For example, when you subscribe to an affordable whole-day Facebook-Only promo, Smart automatically blocks your access to all other sites apart from Facebook - including background updates - so you won't have to pay them for accidentally jumping to another website. (But should you want to open other social networking apps, watch Youtube videos, or check blogs while you're subscribed to an FB-only promo, you can simply text BOOST to 5555, which will prompt Smart to give you access to all other sites for only Php 5 for 15 minutes of data usage. As soon as your BOOST expires, Smart will again prevent you from checking other websites to protect your load.) It's genius and it works.

It's a simple gesture but I think it proves that Smart is really mindful of its subscribers. For consumers like me - who aren't really too keen on turning on or turning off my mobile data just to prevent accidental usage - it saves me from the heartbreak of being charged for something that I never intended to use or avail of in the first place.

TP Friends, I keep several Smart Prepaid, Postpaid, and Smart Bro numbers and I pay for all of them 100%. Just like all of you, I'm a paying subscriber myself -- so this a big deal for me. And this is something that I'm totally grateful for.