Millerton Powerbank with Flashlight Kimstore Price Now Starts at Only Php 799 : TP Recommended!

My 12,000 mAh Millerton Powerbank has been with me for more than one year now and it's so good, it's still working like I just got it yesterday. I haven't noticed a degradation in its charging capacity and heck, it still looks cute.

Millerton Powerbank, Kimstore Powerbank

I purchased my unit from Kimstore January last year for Php 1,999 and at that amount it was already a bargain. You see, quick-charging Millerton powerbanks are compatible with all phones, tablets, music players, feature phones, and brands (local and international) and they are powered by next generation Samsung technology batteries, which have what Kim calls 'true declared capacity'. Additionally, it features overcharging, 'overcurrent' and short circuit protection aside from having a built-in flashlight, which I find handy when looking for something inside my bag while I'm the cinema or at home during brownouts. And of course, it doesn't hurt that the product is cute and durable at the same. All things considered, it really gives great bang for the buck.

Millerton Powerbank, Kimstore Powerbank
You get dual output (1A and 2A) on the 12,000 mAh model and single output (1A) on the smaller 6,000 mah pack.

TP Friends, a one year and a half since Kim started carrying Millerton Powerbanks in her very popular online store, she has decided that it's high time to offer a price drop on these best-selling products. You can now get the 6,000 mAh model for only Php 799 from having an initial price of Php 999 and the 12,000 mAh pack now goes for only Php 1,799 from its original Php 1,999 price tag. Millerton Powerbanks are available in three fun and youthful colors, namely, Nature Green, Hot Pink, Sky Blue,

"This is another small way for me to express my gratitude to all of my loyal customers. They inspire to keep bringing in and offering amazing yet pocket-friendly items like this one," she told me. If you're interested in this accessory, you may get in touch with her team via, 0917-5038887 (Globe), 0922-8859799 (Sun), 0908-8869799 (Smart), or 02-9042966.