MyPhone Agua Rio 2, To Be Launched on March 31, 2015

Like what they promised me during the 'blogger and media community event' that they mounted a few weeks ago, our friends from MyPhone has just sent me a formal invitation for the official launch of their 2015 Android handsets set to take place this coming March 31, 2015 at an exclusive venue in Makati City.

MyPhone Rio 2, MyPhone Infinity 2
Could this be the much awaited MyPhone Agua Rio 2?

Off hand, they haven't disclosed which devices they are planning to unveil -- but based on everything I've heard so far from insiders and on hints that MyPhone officials gave me during our recent get together, it looks like we should finally see the second generation model of MyPhone Rio, Infinity, and Infinity Lite within the next few days. At least one model that's 'more premium than the Infinity line because of its full metal body' is also set to be introduced, one of our sources shared.

So what's so special about the MyPhone [Agua] Rio 2? This has not been confirmed ~ but an anonymous but reliable industry insider told me a couple of days ago that the follow-up release to MyPhone's 2014 monster-seller (which greatly helped catapult MP to the #3 position in the 2014 list of top smartphone vendors in the Philippines) will have shells in youthful hues (or pastel colors) and will be powered by an Octa Core processor that's complemented by 2 GB of RAM for smooth and seamless multitasking. As for its price, our source told me that just like the first Rio, it shouldn't be more expensive than Php 5,000.