ABS-CBN TV Plus Black Box : What Is It Exactly and Where Can You Buy One Online?

I don't know if you experience the same thing but here in Tondo, every time I watch ABS-CBN on free TV (that is, when I'm not using my Cignal HD digital connection) I can't see a damn thing. The whole screen just looks hazy, blurred, garbled -- and all the celebrities and newscasters' faces become plain unidentifiable. I'm not sure if this is an isolated case or if a lot of people are experiencing the same issue but I believe ABS-CBN's new 'magical' TV Plus Black Box is created specifically to address this problem.


The ABS-CBN TV Plus is a digital black box that delivers digitally clear picture and sound that is comparable to seeing a movie on DVD – a far cry from the prevailing blurry and grainy images of analog TV.

The “Mahiwagang Black Box” has been developed to work with all kinds of TV sets as long as it has an AV or RCA connector (and I don't know any TV that doesn't have those). On top of ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Sports+Action, the ABS-CBN TVplus allows you to access four more exclusive free-to-air channels - namely, CineMo, DZMM TeleRadyo, Knowledge Channel, and Yey! - to offer viewers more choices and cater to every member of the family. once you connect it to your TV sets.

For those who are wondering, CineMo is basically a PBO (Pinoy Box Office) kind of channel, which is great for 'tatays' and 'kuyas' who love watching action and comedy films by FPJ, Dolphy, or Robin Padilla as well as other Pinoy leading actors. From time to time, it also shows action-thriller movies by Hollywood celebrities like Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, and Chuck Norris, among others. On the other hand, Knowledge Channel - showing educational shows - and Yey! - with lots of cartoons and animes - are for the young viewers.

The ABS-CBN TV Plus is initially available in Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Benguet, and Metro Cebu. But for those living outside of these areas, never fret as the magic of the “Mahiwagang Black Box” will be available to your areas soon!


For those who'd rather purchase the box online and save themselves from the hassle of driving to the mall to get it, ABS-CBN TV Plus is now available at Lazada (apart from ABS-CBN Online Store) for a one-time fee of Php 2,500. To buy it from that site, simply go to their website, use the search bar to look for the item, and add it to your cart. For more information about this "Mahiwagang TV Box", you can send an SMS to 23661, or call the hotlines 488-8888 in Metro Manila or 1-800-10488-8888 if you're outside Metro Manila.