Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Comparison : Do They Really Look Too Much Alike?

Some of you guys have been messaging me and leaving comments on some previous TechPinas posts about your observation that the Korean company's newly announced 2015 flagship handset appears to look a lot like Apple iPhone 6. Heck, some of you even wrote that Samsung practically just cloned the Cupertino company's best-selling release.

Actually, many smartphone enthusiasts and gadget consumers around the world share the same sentiment (I mean, just check comments about SGS6 on other tech sites) -- so much so that, following the Unpacked Event at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, members of the Korean media felt compelled to ask Mr. JK Shin (Samsung's Co-CEO and Head of Mobile) and Mr. Younghee Lee (Samsung Head of Mobile Marketing) what their thoughts are on the design similarity with iPhone 6 that some have pointed out.

Mr. Lee answered, "After seeing the real thing, do you really think the S6 looks like iPhone 6? If you look at the real thing, it is really not the same, and we have deeper color tones. There is a different texture and durability [to the S6] which shows a different design DNA and language."

He even touched a bit on the design and manufacturing process that went into the creation of SGS6. He said, "We always try to find futuristic material and designs that makes us stand out against our competitors. Some companies just copy others. We try to differentiate by using construction methods that are difficult to copy. I think our manufacturing prowess and quality has been best in the industry for a while now. Samsung Electronics' smartphone really has nothing lesser than any other manufacturer's."

Well, not that I don't take his word for it -- but I decided to make this design comparison post just for us to see for ourselves whether or not Samsung Galaxy S6 indeed looks too much like the Apple iPhone 6. Check this out, TP Friends:


"Looking at the face of each phone, I don't really see too much similarity apart from the generic rectangular display and the home button. If anything, SGS6's front panel looks identical to that of Samsung Galaxy S5."


"Their back panels couldn't be more different. I mean, these photos speak for themselves. Samsung Galaxy S6 features a Gorilla Glass 4 back plate with protruding camera module in the middle while Apple iPhone 6's back case is made of metal and its camera is located on the upper left corner."

Left Side

"Here, I finally see some similarities. Both phones' sides are made of metal and I'm seeing identical position of their volume up and down buttons on the panel."


"To be fair, Samsung Galaxy S6's rear doesn't look exactly like that of Apple iPhone 6 -- but it's hard to ignore the almost similar design elements, like holes for the loud speaker, the use of metal, and the location of the 3.5mm audio jack."

All Samsung Galaxy S6 photos in this post are courtesy of Android Authority and The Verge

Right Side

"Just like the left panel, the right side of both phones look quite the same. We're seeing almost similar position of the power button as well as the slot for the nanoSIM card tray."

These are my just personal observations based on what my Apple iPhone 6 looks like in the flesh and on how Samsung Galaxy S6 looks in photos. Anyway, let me know your thoughts about this topic, TP Friends. Do you think SGS6 looks too much like Apple's current smartphone? Kindly answer the poll below and leave your comments.