Apple iPhone SE 2018 Will Have a Notch Like Apple iPhone X?

I am a fan of big phablets but I know that there are still millions of mobile users who prefer to own a smartphone that's small enough to fit in a tiny purse.

If you're one of those who think that the Apple iPhone 5 or 5S had the perfect size for a handset and you're wishing that Apple would release an updated, more powerful version of those two with great imaging capabilities, I bring you great news.

UK-based gadget accessories manufacturer has leaked what appears to be a photo of the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 2018 through promotional materials for a its screen protector.

In June 2017, MobileFun was also one of the first to publish accurate photos the Apple iPhone X, which was then known as the Apple iPhone 8. Considering that, I am inclined to think that these new images are also the real deal.

If we were to believe what's being presented in the photo above, it is clear that this year's iteration of the Apple iPhone SE from 2016 will most likely have the same aluminum shell and overall footprint -- the biggest and noticeable difference is that the refresh will feature a tall, all-screen face with notch just like the Apple iPhone X!

The old Apple iPhone SE has a 4-inch display and this new look for the Apple iPhone SE 2018 means that the model's screen could be as large as 4.5 to 5 inches diagonal, making it a very attractive daily driver for those who want a large viewing area on a handset that easily slips in their jeans' front pocket.

Other rumored features of the 2018 Apple iPhone SE include the Apple 10 Fusion processor for top-notch gaming experience, 3D Touch Display, and a 3.5mm audio jack, which is slowly becoming a rarity in upper midrange to high-end smartphones these days.

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