How To Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and Delete All Messages, Photos, and Apps At Once?

TP Friend Elaine V. R. sent me this tech-related question via Facebook Page Inbox yesterday, May 15, 2018:

"Hi Mark! Last year, I bought a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and it really served me well as a secondary smartphone. Just last week, I purchased an OPPO F7 and with it, I realized that it's time for me to hand over my Galaxy J7 Pro to my niece who will be entering college in a few weeks. How to I reset my smartphone and delete all of its contents before I give it her? Thanks!"

how To Resent Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Here's my answer, Elaine:

"First, you might want to get all of your messages, photos, videos, and other important content by connecting your smartphone to a computer and copying folders.

Once you're done, you can proceed to going a Factory Reset. To do that, simply go to your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro's 'Settings'. Under settings, go to 'General Management'. In General Management, click on 'Reset'. After that, go to 'Factory Reset' then scroll down and click on the 'Reset' button. 

If you have a Pattern or Code lock, your phone will prompt you to swipe or key in that first before it resets itself.

Factory resets usually takes around 2 to 5 minutes but after that, your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro will be clean as a while, ready to be set-up again."

If you wish so, you can also do a hard reset, which is a bit more complicated. Here's how you do it:

1. Turn off your handset.
2. Press Volume Up, Home Button, and Power Button all at the same time and hold it until you see the green Android 3D icon.
3. Once it's done loading, you will be taken to the Android Recovery module.
4. Use the volume down button to scroll through the options.
5. Choose 'Wipe Data / Factory Reset' by clicking on the Power Button.
6. Scroll down to 'Yes' and click the Power Button again.
7. Wait until Data Wipe is complete.
8. Hit the Power Button to 'Reboot The System Now'

It's quite easy, right?

Anyway, I'm glad that you have a new smartphone, Elaine! OPPO F7 rocks! But I'm sure your niece will enjoy using your old Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro; I think it's still one of the best midrange smartphones the Korean Giant has released so far.

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