Jailbreak iPhone X and Apple iPhone 8 Plus : Five Reasons Why It's Not Worth Doing It

I remember back in 2008 until 2009 - my earliest years as a tech blogger, my articles about jailbreaking the Apple iPhone were some of my most read pieces not just by readers here in the Philippines but also around the world -- especially in the United States.

Fast forward to 2013, I saw a steep decline in the number of people checking TechPinas posts about the said topic -- and I'm sure other tech blogs and websites also experienced this. Google Trends data also pretty much confirms this 'phenomenon' as shown in the graph below.

Jailbreak iPhone X

Today, despite Apple's continued dominance in the mobile industry, the formerly famous 'Art of Jailbreaking The iPhone' has seemingly faded into the background -- almost becoming forgotten.

I've been thinking about this lately and I realized that there are several reasons why Jailbreaking has been rendered passe.

1. Many cool features that Jailbroken iPhones used to have are now present or pre-installed in iOS.

For instance, one of the first features that I installed on my jailbroken Apple iPhone 4S in 2012 was the swipe down quick access tab for turning on or turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data. I thought it was a very useful feature that Apple failed to incorporate in iOS back then. Several months after installing it, however, the Cupertino company added Control Center to their mobile operating system, which was even better than the similar feature that I had downloaded from Cydia.

2. It's now easier to purchase applications and games from the Apple App Store even if you live outside the United States.

I believe it was only in 2013 when iPhone users in the Philippines and in other countries aside from the US were finally allowed to buy Apps and Games from the Apple App Store through postpaid billing with network carriers. Prior to that, many iPhone users who wanted to try out good paid applications had opted to just jailbreak their handsets and sideload content. Now, you can easily purchase apps using a number of methods including PayPal and Prepaid Load.

3. There are so few amazing content that can only be acquired by jailbreaking your iPhone.

The last mildly interesting content I saw, which was exclusive available to jailbroken iDevices, was the PokeMon Battle Skin for incoming phone calls. And it's not even all that.

4. Privacy and Security have become more important for mobile consumers than ever before.

The fact that Fingerprint Scanner and Facial Recognition have become staple features in today's smartphones proves that users are becoming more and more concerned with protecting their personal content and online identity. And the thing is, until today, one of the main drawbacks or risks of jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is that it can open render the device vulnerable against security and privacy threats.

5. It's not worth taking that risk anymore.

To wrap up, considering that there's little to no cool content that's only available for jailbroken iDevices and that the procedure could make your gadget a target for security attacks and in some cases, could even brick it, I think current iPhone owners should think twice or thrice before jailbreaking their handsets.

These are just my opinions. I am open to hearing yours. Do you think The Art of Jailbreaking should make a resurgence? Did I miss anything? Let me know your thoughts via our comments section below or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'll be waiting. Cheers!

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