Smart LTE Speed Test Results in Marikina City Using Smart Prepaid GigaSurf and AllOutSurf Promos

For several weeks now, I've been hearing good things from my readers and fellow bloggers about the ultra-fast Smart 4G LTE mobile internet speeds in Marikina.

So on Wednesday - May 16, 2018, I went to Marikina City myself with my smartphone and its Smart LTE prepaid SIM card to check if there's truth to what I've been told.

Armed with SpeedTest application, I hopped from one crowded spot to the next, measuring the download and upload speeds on my Smart LTE powered handset.

Here are the results that I got.

Smart LTE Marikina, Marcos Highway

I arrived at Marikina at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon via LRT 2 Santolan Station.

As soon as I got off the train, I quickly registered to Smart Prepaid GigaSurf 99 Promo, which delivers 2GB of Free Access Data, 1GB of Data for Youtube, and Unlimited Text Messages to all Networks for 7 Days.

Then, I fired up the SpeedTest app -- and I was blown away when I got a whopping 159 Mbps Download Speed and 39.9 Upload Speed, which were easily the fastest speeds I've ever experienced inside Manila up until that point.

Smart LTE Speed Test Results in Marikina

After that, I went down the station and walked to the nearby SM SuperMall Marikina, which is arguably the most popular shopping destination in the city.

The mall was very crowded and I knew that I would get the most "modest" test results in that spot.

True enough, I got 28.1 Mbps Download Speed and 3.11 Mbps Upload Speed.

Despite being slower than the ones I got previously, note that these speeds were still easily twice as fast as that I got from my other handset powered by a SIM from Smart's erstwhile rival.

Smart LTE Speed Test Results in Marikina

Then, I walked around SM Marikina and window-shopped. Believe it or not, it was my first time there.

At 6:30 PM, I decided to go to Marikina Riverbanks, which is just 200 meters away from SM, to have my dinner. (Yup, I saw the carabaos - they are still there - and I crossed the metal bridge.)

I chose "Dampa" because as far as I can remember, their grilled pusit and barbeque are really good. Apparently, they still are.

Dampa sa Marikina Dinner

When I was still studying at Ateneo de Manila University, after classes in the evening, my friends and I would go down the hill to Marikina to have dinner and we would often eat at Dampa.

Going back to this popular food spot after more than a decade really brought back good memories.

After filling my tummy with pork barbeque, grilled squid, and two cups of rice, I went down to the open field - with all the bikers and families having their evening picnic - and ran SpeedTest again.

I was totally shocked at the results I got: 270 Mbps Download Speed and 33.1 Mbps Upload Speed! Now, that's what you call Ultra-Fast Speeds! Believe it.

I know. Marikenyos are so lucky.

Smart LTE Speed Test Results in Marikina

I even ran the test three times to confirm this and I got more or less the similar results.

It was at that point when I realized that all the stories I've been hearing are true.

Take it from me: Smart LTE speeds in Marikina City are some of the fastest in the country. And I hope that Smart would bring this experience all around the country so all Filipinos could feel it in their daily lives.

At around 8PM, one of my blogger friends who happens to reside near Marikina met up with me on his way home as he saw my posts on Facebook that I was in the city.

He then convinced me to go further inside Marikina to experience more of the place even if it was already late in the evening. I thought it was a great idea so we rode a jeepney and went to the Sports Center, which was right smack in middle of the metro.

After alighting the jeepney, we walked around and I saw just how clean and orderly Marikina is. I was impressed that there were policemen and traffic enforcers guiding the public even at 10PM.

Smart LTE Speed Test Results in Marikina

When we reached the fountain and the small park in front of the Sports Center, I took my phone out to run SpeedTest. However, I saw a text message from Smart telling me that my GigaSurf 99 2GB Data Allocation has been used up -- and understandably so, as I ran the said app multiple times in the previous spots and I consumed big data for that.

To complete the test, I decided to just subscribe to Smart Prepaid AllOutSurf 50 Promo - with 1GB of Free Access Data, Unli Facebook, 1GB for Youtube per day, 50 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk N' Text, and Unli All-Net SMS good for 3 days.

Here, I got 70.6 Mbps Download Speed and 32GB Upload Speed, which are in the middle of all the results I got during the entire trip. Still very fast, in my opinion.

So there you you have it!

I hope my little adventure inside Marikina to test Smart LTE Speeds gave you a useful overview about the level of mobile internet service that Smart provides in this beautiful city.

Fast and reliable 4G LTE speeds allow you to be more productive or to get more tasks done on the go -- and based on what I've personally seen, I think that - with Smart Prepaid - Marikenyos can really accomplish more like never before.

Disclosure: I - Mark of TechPinas - am a Digital Ambassador of Smart Communications.

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