Smart Big Bytes Promo Lets You Pay Only For The Data That You Need

Smart Communications has recently launched a new promo that's perfect for budget-conscious consumers - especially students and fellow yuppies - who want to enjoy the benefits of mobile internet connection on their smartphones or tablets without having to spend more for the amount of data that they intend to use.

Smart Big Bytes

Smart Big Bytes - which is available to Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro subscribers - allows you to do everything you want to accomplish online with internet that fits all your surfing needs. Whether you need to do tasks requiring heavy data consumption or you just want to be stay connected on your social networking accounts, there's a Smart Big Bytes package that's right for you:

Smart Big Bytes

And what's cool is that almost all packages come with free data allocation for Youtube, Spinnr, and Skype Qik, which means that you can use the data you would have used for those services for your other online needs.

Of the many packages above, I personally recommend Smart Big Bytes 50 as I find that it's the one that gives the most bang for the buck. 300MB for 3 Days plus the free data for video (8 Youtube 3-minute videos) and music streaming (200 songs) should already be enough to deliver an enjoyable mobile internet experience. Here are two sample daily packages for Smart Big Bytes 50 that you can follow depending on your requirements (Note that I didn't include Youtube and Song Streaming in the calculation as you can already enjoy those for free):

Smart Big Bytes, Data Calculator
You can use this one if you want to be able to make 1-minute video calls per day while staying connected on Facebook and Twitter, and having access to websites, Messenger, and to your Email. For more info about the service and to try out Smart's new Volume Calculator, visit

Smart Big Bytes, Data Calculator
Here, I swapped the data allocation for video calls for more posts on Facebook and Twitter as well as more website browsing. This one should be great for young consumers who want to always to check status updates and post something on their social media accounts.

Smart Big Bytes Promo is part of Smart Communications goal and vision to provide 'Internet for All'. By letting Pinoys enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable mobile connection anywhere they go, I believe Smart is hoping that more Filipinos can really do more meaningful things online - like staying connected with their loved ones and accomplishing more tasks faster - so they can live more.

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