Google Chrome Problem - Can't Copy Images to Clipboard - Can't Paste on Adobe Illustrator - Solved !!

Perhaps the biggest disappointment one can have when using the earlier versions of the otherwise Amazing Google Chrome is the problematic Copy Image to clipboard feature ( especially when pasting image on Adobe Illustrator ).

Everyone knows the image-copy drill: To copy an image, all you have to do is right click on it, choose "Copy Image", return to where you want to paste it, right click, choose "Paste" or simply press Control + V.

Simple enough, right? But this wasn't the case with the earlier version of Chrome. Quoting a Chrome user on the Google Support Forum:

I do indeed have the option of copying the image. After copying it, and then trying to paste it into MS Paint or PS, nothing happens. Control-V doesn't work, nor does going to the edit panel.

Thankfully, Google came to the rescue yet again and issued a Chrome update to fix the problem.

For those who are still encountering this issue, here's rather simple fix:

UPGRADE your Google Chrome browser to at least the BETA 4 version (the one that supports extensions).

You may download the latest version of Chrome via this LINK.

After the update, you'd have to restart your browser.

Now, try copying an image to the clipboard.

Works? Cool.

Thanks Google!

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