Philippine Team Qualifies for US Robotics Competition

A team composed of 32 students from Philippine Science High School named Team 3105 or Team Lagablab recently qualified for a US Robotics competition to be held in Atlanta, GA after bringing home 2 awards from a regional contest held in Hawaii last March 26 to 28.

Their robot entry, "Larry Labuyo", won the Highest Rookie Seed Award for proving its efficiency in a game called Lunacy ~ where robot entries are instructed via software to gather "moon rocks". Quoting Team 3105 site:

Two alliances play in the crater, each consisting of three teams. To score higher than the opposing alliance, each team must score game pieces, called moon rocks into their opponent's trailers, separate apparatuses hitched onto the back of each robot. Special game pieces called empty cells will be present to be exchanged for super cells which count for more points when shot into an opposing trailer. The first 15 seconds of the 2 minute 15 second match will consist of a completely autonomous match, which require the robots to maneuver themselves about the crater, shooting moon rocks into opposing trailers while at the same time avoiding being shot at. Three human players from each alliance are allowed to score balls into the other team's trailers. The rest of the game is the teleoperated period, wherein human pilots take over the robot via RC. One payload specialist is permitted to introduce game pieces into the crater and receive game pieces from within the crater.

Watch Team Team Lagablab and Larry Labuyo in action here:

To Team Lagablab, congratulations and the best of luck!

[photo and video via Team 3105 Website]

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