How to Recycle Gadgets and Go Green

Did you know that, in 2005, around 1.9 million tons of unwanted electronics were deposited in landfills in the US alone?

That's a lot of gadgets and devices that could have just been recycled.
So if you are wondering where most old thick cellphones with monochrome displays from circa 1996-2002 went, they're most likely in landfills now.

Since it's Earth Day, I think it's but fitting to talk about how Gadget Lovers can help in preserving our Environment. Here are a few tips on how we can recycle our gadgets and go green:

TechPinas Tips on Recycling Gadgets and Going Green

1. Use your old GSM cellphone as extra phone for another network. In the Philippines, for example, most cellphone users actually find the need to have two mobile lines. Don't throw your old phone away, go green by assigning your second mobile number to it.

Last year, PLDT, the largest landline company in the Philippines, released mobile landline SIM cards, which you can place in cellphones. Turn your old cellphone into mobile landline with this product.

2. Did you know that the Intel Pentium 4 or Pentium M processor in your old laptop is actually more powerful than Intel Atom in newer netbooks? Consider this info when ditching your old laptop to buy a newer, glossier, netbook.

3. LCD monitors are very economical when it comes to energy consumption. They consume only around 25 -50 watts compared to CRT monitors that consume around 60-80 watts for a 15 inch model to almost 70 to 150 watts for 19 inch models. So if color purity is not your main concern, you might want to consider upgrading to LCD...

4. ... But in case you do, don't just throw your old CRT monitor away. Donate it to a public school near you. Do the same if you are buying a new PC altogether. Did you know that a lot of public schools in the Philippines don't have 1:1 student to PC ratio?

There you go. :) I hope you find this helpful.
Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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