iPod Unibody ?

MacNN disclosed earlier that Apple's Unibody design patent is also applicable to its other products -- aside from Macbook.

Quoting MacNN:

According to Apple’s patent, the term “electronic device” can include, but is not limited to, music players, video players, still image players, game players, other media players, music recorders, video recorders, cameras, other media recorders, radios, medical equipment, domestic appliances, transportation vehicle instruments, calculators, cellular telephones, other wireless communication devices, personal digital assistants, programmable remote controls, pagers, laptop computers, desktop computers, printers, and combinations thereof. In some cases, the electronic device may perform a single function (e.g., a device dedicated to playing music) and, in other cases, the electronic device may perform multiple functions (e.g., a device that plays music, displays video, stores pictures, and receives and transmits telephone calls).

So yes, it appears that the iPod could also get the Unibody treatment soon.

What is a Unibody design? And Why Unibody?

"the sheet metal may be formed in such a way that the final part looks like it was machined down from a large thick slab of material. By utilizing sheet metal, the overall cost of the part can be reduced." 

Watch Macbook Unibody Apple Video HERE.

[photo courtesy of MacNN]

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