HP ProBook s-Series Laptops for Business Users

For those who are missing the defunct NX-series, it is heartening to know that Hewlett Packard Personal Systems is still mindful of the business user. Presenting the ProBook s-series;

The Probook s-Series is designed to be HP's new affordable business-oriented notebook line.

14" HP Probook 4410s and 4415s feature Intel and AMD processors - respectively, HDMI port, an option for Blu-ray and choice of GMA X4500HD or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 for graphics. The 15.6" 4510s and 4515s have an integrated numeric keypad and include an option for mobile broadband. 4710s doesn't offer any mobile broadband features and doesn't have the AMD processor option but you do get a bigger screen, 17.3" to be exact. All models come with Linux preinstalled.

Prices start at around $529.

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