How to Quickly Mass or Bulk Unfollow or Follow on Twitter ?

Glenn Ocampo from Timog, QC emailed this Twitter question earlier:
"Dear TechPinas, I want to know how to quickly mass unfollow all of those didn't follow me back on Twitter - doing it one ungrateful friend at a time is proving to be a real pain in the a**. I need to free more space for more gracious friends. Thanks!"

Hi Glenn! Thanks for the inquiry!
There's a popular Twitter term for what you want to do. It's called "Managing Twitter Karma".

There are several ways to quickly mass or bulk unfollow Twitter accounts but probably the most popular way to do it via Dossy's Twitter Karma website. This site allows you to view all of your Twitter friends at once or only by specific karma levels: (1) those you follow and follow you back, (2) those who follow you and you don't follow back and (3) those you follow and don't follow you back.

UPDATE: On January 15, 2010, Twitter instructed Dossy to remove the "bulk unfollow" capability of Twitter Karma. Here's what I use now to bulk unfollow those who don't follow me back: -

Just log-in using your Twitter account, click on the link inside the red circle (above) and follow instructions on the site. Should be easy. If you can send an email, you can definitely work your way around Buzzom.

To mass unfollow your rather 'disinterested' Twitter friends, all you have to do is to choose the "Only Following" view option in Dossy, click on the "Check All" button at the bottom part of the page then click on the "Bulk Unfollow" button. It may take time for Twitter to completely implement bulk changes so be patient.

Have fun!

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