Intel Anti-Theft Technology Demo and Features

Here's a demo video of Intel's Anti-Theft Technology feature released in Fall 2008:

Quoting Intel:

Intel AT-p includes hardware-based detection mechanisms that can recognize potential loss or theft. When a suspicious situation is identified, Intel AT-p will activate according to your IT policy in "theft mode". As a completely flexible engine, Intel AT-p allows you to specify which detection mechanism should be used to assert theft mode and what actions to take. When the notebook returns to its rightful owner, it can be reactivated to full functionality via a pre-configured pass phrase or token generated by the IT console.

Features and benefits

Data access disable

  • Protect encrypted data from unauthorized access
  • Secure hardware environments through software-based encryption keys placed in escrow instead of on the hard disk
  • Protect PCs with tamper-resistant hardware

PC disable

  • Minimize sensitive data being accessed or stolen
  • Disable the PC locally or remotely
  • Intel® Anti-Theft Technology can assist as a theft deterrence tool since the PC becomes inoperable, thereby unattractive to steal


  • Restore notebooks to full functionality without compromising local security features for data or PC disable access

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