Thinkpad Open-Close Stress Test Video

Limited Edition Thinkpad Z61t -- Check out the metal hinges!

Every laptop owner should know that the most vulnerable part in the notebook form is the hinge. Connecting the body to the lcd, the hinge is the part that undergoes the most stress in a laptop's natural life. And as such, it is often the first part to come loose, tighten up or break.

Well, luckily - for Thinkpad owners, IBM (before) and Lenovo (now) have been investing money into making sure that hinges of Thinkpads are top-notch.

Quoting LenovoBlog:

We care a great deal about our hinges at Lenovo, so the philosophy of “All good things come to an end” is not acceptable. ThinkPad hinges have to open with that trademark “feel” — not too tight, not too loose — smooth but with a firm feel that lets you know that a solid mechanism is working inside. That’s why every time we design a ThinkPad, we work closely with our hinge manufacturers to create the most suitable hinge for that particular ThinkPad.

From the day of purchase to the day a ThinkPad is done with its last assignment, ThinkPad hinges not only have to continue to work, but they also have to maintain the trademark “feel”, and that is precisely the objective of this testing.

Presenting the Thinkpad Open-Close Stress Test:

I've owned my Thinkpad (a Z61m, to be exact) for almost a year now and its hinges are still as tight as the day I bought it.

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