Of Brian Viloria, Boxing and Twitter

Make a wild guess:
What was one of the first things that Brian Viloria did after utterly demolishing supposed Mexican 'Filipino Executioner', Ulises Solis, a little more than 5 hours ago at the Araneta Coliseum?

Sure, he took a bath and thanked his trainors. Right.
But did you know that one of the first things he did was to update his Twitter status?


Yep, that was his after-fight "tweet". And why not?
He's now the new IBF Light Flyweight Champion of the World after knocking out Solis in the 11th round.

As of the moment, #BrianViloria has 246 Followers (TechPinas included, thank you) and has 714 updates.

To Brian Viloria, Mabuhay Ka! Thank you for making all Filipinos proud!

[via Inquirer, photo via Fightwriter.com]

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