DepEd Allegedly Bought Overpriced Pentium IV Computers for Php 400,000 Each : Watch the News5 Report by Erwin Tulfo!

This is downright enraging!

In an exclusive report by veteran broadcaster Erwin Tulfo in News5, he disclosed that the Philippine Government - via the Department of Education - bought massively overpriced desktop computers for Php 400,000 each back in 2008 to 2010!

DepEd, OverPriced Computers, Philippine Government Buys OverPriced PCs

The insanely high per unit price of these PCs is enough to make anyone's blood boil -- considering all the shortcomings of the Philippine government when it comes to the salary of teachers and school officials and the dilapidated condition of a lot of public school buildings across the country. But what's even more horrible - and this is something that will drive you out of your wits - are the laughable technical specifications of the purchased computers!

DepEd, OverPriced Computers, Philippine Government Buys OverPriced PCs

I've played with many expensive desktop computers with beastly specifications like those from Apple and Alienware but I've yet to see one priced at Php 400,000. Pentium IV? 128 MB of RAM? 40 GB HDD? For Php 400,000?! Those specs are a throwback to the 90's - the MS Paint days - and there's no way on earth that I'd spend that big an amount to buy something that runs on them! Now, if these PCs had 4.7 GHz Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition processor, 64 GB of Corsair memory, a 512GB solid state disk, and 2TB hard disk -- then, maybe, I'd think about getting a unit.

So what went wrong? How did this happen?! Well, apparently, there are some government officials who allowed this to go on for two years as they benefited from the deal with the PC supplier. Watch the full report here courtesy of News5:

Php 400,000? For that amount, the Philippine government could have bought 10 Macbook Air 11-inch units from Beyond The Box (with some discount) for teachers or 40 desktop PCs with decent technical specifications -- enough to fill a whole computer laboratory. We missed these opportunities all because of selfish individuals who can't and won't love our country enough. That, TP Friends, is what's really sad about this story. Let's love our country and not do things that will be detrimental to the future of our nation.