Smart Unli Facebook for Two Pesos Prepaid Promo Details : Try Out My Favorite Promo Combo!

Smart Communications' daily Free Social promo has already ended but the company made sure that users who enjoyed it would still be able to access Facebook on their devices for less -- only Php 2 per day, to be exact.

Smart Unli Facebook

If you're using a smartphone and you're a Smart prepaid subscriber, you don't have to look for a free WiFi connection just to be able to update your Facebook status, upload photos, and browse your News Feed. Simply load up, register to your favorite Smart Call and Text prepaid promo, and text FB2 to 6406, wait for the confirmation message, turn on your Mobile Data, and you're good to go. Stay connected with your friends and family on Facebook anywhere you are - even away from a WiFi zone - for 24 hours!

Smart Unli Facebook
FB2 lets you access Facebook on your handset's mobile browser or via Facebook apps for Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. Note that you won't be able to stream media files that are not housed on Facebook or links that will redirect you outside Facebook as they're subject to the standard data rate [P5 for 15] unless you’re subscribed to a data promo.

Since you'd have to avail of a separate Smart Call and Text prepaid promo before you can subscribe to this service, I would suggest that you check out and go with my favorite prepaid combo from the MVP-company currently. Smart Mega All-In 250 gives you unlimited text messages to all networks, 3 hours of calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk N' Text numbers, and 100MB of mobile data for 30 days! Now, isn't that sulit?

Smart Mega Combo 250

To subscribe to Mega All-In 250, simply text Mega250 to 2477 and wait for the confirmation message. Paired with FB2 for 30 days, you'd only have to pay a total of Php 310 to enjoy all of the above-mentioned services from Smart plus Facebook access anywhere you are!

Makes me wonder: Why won't Smart create another promo incorporating all these for just Php 300?! That'd be so sweet! I think Php 300 is just right for unli text to all networks, 3 hours of calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT numbers, and unli Facebook for 30 days. What do you think, TP Friends? If they decide to launch one, I would suggest they call it TODO300 -- because, really, that's what it is. Teehee!