How To Report Text Scammers and Spammers To Smart and Globe : Win The Fight Against Text Scam!

Watching TV Patrol earlier this evening and seeing the news about Smart Communications and Globe Telecom's fight against text scammers reminded of that incident last year when my mom was almost scammed by a fake insurance company through a series of text messages.

How to Report Text Scam
Smart Communications and Sun Cellular are advising their subscribers to ignore text scams and spams and not to follow instructions in these messages.

That's exactly what I told my mom when she shared that she's been getting SMS from a certain company telling her that she won a free family medical card and gift certificate and that she needs to pick up the items soonest from one of their offices located in Makati and Quezon City.

How to Report Text Scam

Thankfully, she listened to my advice and saved herself from being tricked into paying several thousand bucks for a fake medical insurance package. We eventually learned of the company's nefarious modus operandi through a friend on Facebook whom they had earlier victimized. Horrible.

How to Report Text Scam

I think it's great that both of the country's biggest networks - Smart and Globe - have decided to dedicate resources to helping us win this fight against text scammers. The two now have actual websites where their subscribers can report numbers that are shamelessly being used to spread spam and to scam.

If you're with Globe Telecom, simply visit and key in a few relevant information like your name, Globe number, number of scam sender, and message received. If you wish so, you may also send a screen capture of the text scam.

How to Report Text Scam

Now, if you're a fellow Smart subscriber, just go to and submit your number, number of the text scammer, and the exact message that you received. Very simple.

If you wish so, you may also request for assistance from Smart and Globe on Twitter. Their official Twitter accounts are @talk2GLOBE and @SmartCares. Feel free to tweet them or to send them Direct Messages regarding your concerns.

I encourage you not just to report these text scammers through the above-mentioned channels but to also talk about the deceptive messages on your social networking accounts and blogs. By exposing these activities, you can help intensify our fight against text scam and who knows, you can even save your friends and loved ones from falling prey to these terrible modus operandi.