Nike Kobe 8 Online Swap via Facebook Sporting Goods Trading Group Turns Into an Epic Trickery!

TP Friends, be careful who you choose to swap your belongings with in Facebook Groups. One sneakerhead basketball fan has just been victimized by his trippin' co-member in an FB sporting goods group!

Dave M. from Davao City thought he entered into a fine deal with a high school student in Manila when he agreed to swap his Nike Kobe 8 Blue Coral basketball shoes with the latter's Kobe 8 Milk Snake.

Nike Kobe 8 Online Swap

With absolute trust and hoping for the best, Dave shipped his expensive pre-loved pair to Manila and felt relieved when the boy's package finally reached his house via a known courier.

Nike Kobe 8 Online Swap

I bet Dave felt all giddy when he saw this Kobe 8 box -- until he lifted its cover and was greeted by a bunch of ugly, used, fake Crocs inside! Que Horror!

Nike Kobe 8 Online Swap

Enraged by this epic trickery, Dave stormed to the FB group where he met the guy, shared his story and asked for help from other members to track the boy's location, "Transaction namin through shipping, trade ko yung Kobe 8 Blue Coral ko sa Milk Snake nya and ito yung pinadala nya, mga basura. Mga bro, patulong sa paghahanap sa [kanya] kung sinong may kakilala."

To be fair, not everyone in Facebook groups is there to trick or dupe other people. I've also tried swapping and buying items through that social networking site and so far - thankfully - all transactions have turned out well. I guess we just all have to stay vigilant and not be all too trusting. Yes, not everyone there is out to fool you -- but are definitely some who will take advantage of you given the opportunity.

Nike Kobe 8 Online swap

Update as of June 5, 2014, 4:30 PM: The boy in question has surfaced and, thanks to a mediator who's also a member of the Facebook group, Dave's Nike Kobe 8 Blue Coral basketball shoes have been recovered. "Pinagsisihan na daw po nya ang ginawa nya."