LG Releases Brownout-Proof Refrigerator! LG EverCool Ref Prevents Food Spoilage When There's No Electricity!

Food spoilage is one of the many repercussions whenever there is a power cut -- especially since home refrigerators are rendered useless with the absence of electricity. In the Philippines alone, a number of brownouts and power outages have occurred last year. And even up to this date, there are rural areas which either lack electricity supply or don’t have electricity at all.

LG Brownout Proof Refrigerator, LG EverCool Ref, LG Refrigerator
Just in time for the fast approaching rainy season when the possibility of power outages become higher, global technology leader and home appliances trailblazer LG Electronics continues its commitment to make lives easier for each of its consumers nationwide as it brings another innovation that addresses this problem -- its newest line of refrigerators sporting its patented and game-changing Power Cut EverCool technology.

Touted as the world’s longest cool air retaining refrigerator, the Power Cut EverCool technology is designed to provide the finest and optimal cooling solutions during power outages and to households that occasionally lack electricity supply. LG’s breakthrough technology ensures continuous cooling (10’C in Ref section) of up to 9 hours even after the power cut, maintaining the freshness of the food.

“LG is committed to continuously provide innovative products, with the consumers’ needs at the heart of every innovation,” Mr. Youngmin Chae, Vice President for LG Philippines’ Home Appliances Business, said. “EverCool is the answer to the unpredictable power cuts and unstable power supply.”

Mr. Chae added, “With LG’s EverCool refrigerators, Filipinos can be sure that no food will be spoiled even during long and unexpected power cuts. Even rural areas and provinces which lack sufficient supply of electricity can depend on LG’s EverCool technology for their cooling and food storing needs.”

LG’s EverCool technology is available in Single Door Refrigerator, 6 cu.ft and 7 cu.ft. It also provides different sections and feature for an organized space management like the Bigger Freezer, Tempered Glass Shelves and Stand Base.

And you know what's the coolest thing about this ref? (Apart from its Brownout-Proof feature, that is.) It's very affordable! It only costs Php 11,995 and it's now available nationwide! I think we all need one!