Is It Safe to Buy Second-Hand Gadgets Through OLX?

Ever since OLX Philippines became more active in advertising its services though television commercials earlier this year, I've been regularly receiving questions from my readers via FB Messenger on how safe it is to purchase second-hand devices in this online marketplace.

I made this post to answer all of those inquiries at once.

OLX Philippines

So far, I've purchased a used 2012 Apple Macbook Pro, an Alienware M11x, and a Lenovo ThinkPad T430 through OLX. And thankfully, all three experiences had been great -- and I believe it's because I took extra measures to ensure my safety.

Just like any other marketplace, OLX has good and trust-worthy sellers and some that need more work.

Looking back at my previous second-hand gadget purchases at OLX, here are some things that I would suggest you do to get a good deal at that online selling site:

1. Choose sellers who are near you and are willing to show you the product first before you make a decision to get it.

2. Always ask why the gadget is being sold. 'Upgrade' or 'not being used anymore' are my preferred reasons for buying a second-hand device.

3, If you can, add the seller on social media first and do a sort of a background check on him or her. Listen to your gut feel. Also, the responsiveness of the seller in terms of replying to messages would tell you if you've chosen the right person to enter a deal with.

4. Ask if the seller still has the complete retail package - including box, manuals, and accessories - of the item you're getting. It's always a good sign if those are available -- especially if you're buying a smartphone. For laptops, the original charger will do. One sure fire sign that a seller is offering a stolen notebook is if it doesn't come with an original charger.

5. Have a say in the meet-up location. You're the one who's buying the device so you should be in control. In the event of a 'half-way' meet up, choose a place where you are comfortable holding cash transactions and where there are lots of people.

6. Bring a friend or someone you trust when you're meeting up with the seller to get your device.

7. Inspect the gadget first for any hardware or software issues before handing the seller your money.

8. Ask for some sort of warranty or return policy just in case the gadget has an issue that's not apparent on initial inspection.

OLX is also implementing site-wide measures to ensure the safety of buyers. So if you follow my tips and be extra wise in your negotiations, you should be good.

Oh, and to wrap this up, let me give you an additional tip - albeit this one is not safety related: Always negotiate the price of the gadget you're buying. Usually, sellers overprice their items to make room for adjustments or haggling.

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