Jealousy and Envy in Social Media Leads to Depression Among Many Filipinos

While Social Media has made the world smaller by allowing us to constantly stay in touch with loved ones no matter how far they are and to share happy moments with friends via photos and videos, it's not all sunshine and daisies.

In fact, results of the latest research from Kaspersky Lab reveal that social media now leaves many people feeling negative and depressed.

To be specific, the research shows that people feel envious and jealous when they see the seemingly happier lives of their friends on social media.

In a survey of 16,750 people worldwide - with 1,000 respondents coming from the Philippines - Kaspersky Lab found out that 'despite the desire to feel good from their interactions on social media, when people see their friends’ happy posts about holidays, hobbies, and parties, they are often left with the bitter feeling that other people are enjoying life more than them.'

Additionally, 59% of the global respondents have felt unhappy when they have seen friends’ posts from a party they were not invited to, and 45% revealed that their friends’ happy holiday pictures have had a negative influence on them. 37% also admitted that looking at past happy posts of their own can leave them with the feeling that their own past was better than their present life.

In terms of how social media affects Filipinos' mood, the survey showed 29% of the Pinoy respondents felt very low or depressed when someone else got control of their profiles, when someone seems to have a better life than them (27.7%). and when a friend’s photo or status update received more likes than their own (25.8%).

Previous research has also showed netizens' frustration with social media as 78% admitted that they have considered leaving Facebook and other social networks altogether. What makes them stay, however, is the fear of losing their digital memories, such as photos, videos, and contacts with their friends.

Social Media Envy

"Our relationship with social media has developed into a vicious cycle. We want to go onto our favourite social platforms to tell all of our connections about the positive things we are doing – that makes us feel good. But the reality is that everyone is doing the same thing, so when we log onto social media we’re bombarded with images and posts of our friends having fun. And it looks like they’re enjoying life more than us. It’s easy to see why this is leaving people feeling down and why so many people have considered leaving social media altogether. The difficulty is that people feel trapped because so many of their precious memories have been stored on social media and they don’t want to lose access to these," shared Mr. Evgeny Chereshnev, Head of Social Media at Kaspersky Lab.

For those who are planning to leave social media within 2017, Kaspersky Lab is developing a new app called FFForget, which will allow users to back up all of their social networking content and keep them in a safe, encrypted memory container. Kaspersky hopes that this will give people the freedom to leave any network whenever they want, without fear of losing their digital memories and belongings.

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