Starcube TV Box by Starmobile Turns Any Monitor To a Digital TV

STAR Inc. - the company behind Starmobile smartphones and tablets - continues to expand its product portfolio by offering new devices that can help improve the digital lifestyle of Filipinos.

The latest addition to their device line-up is the Starcube TV Box, which lets you turn any a CRT, LED, or LCD screen at home, in your office, or in your car into a Digital TV! That's right. Just plug it in and you're good to go.


There are four things that make this product special:

First, it lets you enjoy digital, high-quality video reception. Stay goodbye to the grainy and hazy quality of analog TV! And it's also future-proof as it supports Full HD resolution.

Second, it has a USB port where you can plug in your flash drive containing Full HD movies and recordings, music tracks, and even photos.

Third, it allows you to record your favorite TV shows and series for later viewing. It even has an electronic program guide (EPG) helping you anticipate episodes you want to record.

Finally, you can pause, fast forward, and rewind your TV programs using Starcube so you can relive that winning 3-point shot in an NBA or PBA game as well as that romantic moment when the leading man kisses his dream girl for the first time.


Starcube will be available at leading appliance and electronics stores starting on the second week of February for a one-time payment of just Php 1,290 (that's the introductory price but the regular price is Php 1,490) with no monthly fees or lock-ins!

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