Vivo V5 Plus Dual Selfie Camera Feature, Explained! Plus, Sample Selfie Shots with Bokeh Effect!

Vivo V5 Plus is the first ever smartphone to have a Dual Optics front facing camera module.

For those who are wondering what exactly this unique imaging set-up can do. Here's a quick and simple explanation:

Based on information provided by Vivo Mobile, the high-resolution 20 MegaPixel front camera, which is co-engineered with Sony, gives selfies stunning clarity and makes them instantly ready for sharing on social media. On the other hand, the secondary 8 MegaPixel lens beside it captures the depth-of-field information or isolates the face of the person taking the selfie for accurate background blurring during post-processing. Together, these optics create a 'bokeh effect' or 'blurred background effect' comparable to what you'll get on large aperture DSLR cameras. On top of this, unique Selfie Softlight flash makes it possible to take clear and bright selfies even in low to zero lighting conditions.

Just make sure you turn on 'Bokeh' setting before snapping selfies.

After taking your photo, go the image and click on the 'Bokeh' button below it to tweak the aperture setting. The higher the F-stop, the clearer your background will be and conversely, the lower the F-stop, the more blurry it will be. Check out these sample selfies with DOF effect featuring our lovely model, "Sheena":

Just tap on the photo to pick the part of your face or the area of the shot that you want to stay crisp as you apply the software Bokeh effect.

f/0.95 is the lowest aperture setting available and this gives you the maximum background blurring to make your selfies stand-out and be more interesting.

Now, let me try that out.

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