Top 10 Best Performance Android Smartphones of 2016, Named by Antutu

Beijing Antutu Company has just released their list of the top performance 2016 Android handsets.

Their selection was based on the average Antutu Benchmark Score of each handset derived from at least 2,000 samples per model from a period covering January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

For those who are not yet familiar with it, Antutu Benchmark Test along with Antutu 3D Bench measure overall User Experience, CPU, RAM, 2D/3D graphics, GPU, and I/O performance of any mobile device with Android operating system, giving a supposedly accurate picture of how well a handset performs in real life.

After you run the test on your smartphone or tablet, the score will be added to the Antutu benchmark database and you will see then see how your device fares against its competitors.

(Note, however, that the Antutu benchmark score of a device is determined not just by its hardware configuration but it is also affected by many elements or factors, including system mode, user interface, device temperature, and running apps as well as other elements. As such, you may not the same score each time you run the test on your smartphone.)

Moto Z Modular Android Smartphone. One of the most powerful handsets of 2016.

According to Antutu, "We removed some cheating scores that were extraordinarily high, and some incomplete scores resulting from unexpected closing during the test. In particular, we introduced a new factor, score stability, as a new reference factor of our scores in our summary. With regard to score variance caused by the use of different running modes such as balance mode and performance mode, we analyzed the data and decided to maintain the score variants."

And with no further ado, here are the top 10 best performance Android smartphones from last year based on the above-mentioned average Antutu Benchmark Scores. (source)

Top 10 Performance Android Smartphones of 2016

1. OnePlus 3T - 163,013
2. LeEco Le Pro3 - 159,911
3. Moto Z - 148,820
4. OnePlus 3 - 147,495
5. Xiaomi Mi 5s - 145,093
6. Asus ZenFone 3 - 146,610
7. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus - 143,788
8. ZTE AXON 7 - 143,463
9. Google Pixel XL - 141,367
10 Google Pixel - 140,340

Notice that all of these devices are powered by flagship-level Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets -- with both OnePlus 3T and LeEco Le Pro 3 running on the new Snapdragon 821 while the others are equipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor.

Sadly, only two powerhouse models in the list are now officially available in the Philippines via authorized channels offering full service and parts warranty: The Moto Z and Asus ZenFone 3.

Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe remains to be the flagship smartphone of the Taiwanese company in the Philippines as of writing.

All other models - including Google Pixel shown in the photo below - are available for pre-order or special import request from popular online gadget stores in the Philippines.

Kimstore, my trusted online store, is currently offering OnePlus 3T for only Php 24,700 (as of December 2016) and the package already comes with a FREE Smart LTE Prepaid SIM with Free 1 Year Data (that is, Free 100MB/month for 12 months along with 300MB monthly data reward when you load an accumulated Php 150/month for 12 months).

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